Stocking for the future of CWA Fisheries. - Our aim for the future is to be able to grow our own fish to compliment the ones we purchase from our regular suppliers.  We currently have 4 separate stock ponds in different locations, each serving a different purpose.  From bringing on our own fry that have naturally spawned in our venues, to "on-growing" ponds to grow small carp of 4" - 6", until they reach double figures and are ready to be stocked into our venues.


All of these fish are hand selected for their looks/body shape and colouration before they are put out to grow for the future.  We already have a good number of small carp that we have been growing for 4 years, some of these went into Little Moulsham and Roach pit over the last 2 winters.

We will continue to do this over the coming years.